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About Kanvergen

Kanvergen was established in 2008 and built a factory in Dou-Liu expansion industrial zone. In 2010, it began to produce and sell animal nutrition products, covering vitamins, trace minerals, enzymes, organic acids, and premixes for feeds.

In order to provide customers with the best quality products and services, we have established a professional technical team, using high-quality raw materials, strict quality control, and manufacturing high-quality products. We understand that the development of a new product depends on technology, but to make a product well, we must rely on continuous efforts and the spirit of excellence, as well as a commitment to the quality of our clients.


We have a professional and experienced technical who can tailor-made products specially for our clients. They not only assist the clients with feed system planing and feed formula design but also provide consulting service. With the advanced precision analytical instruments and quality control team, the safety and stability of raw materials and end products are guaranteed.

Quality and Certification

We also follow Germany's strict attitude toward manufacturing, management and excellent process control techniques, in addition to obtaining international IS0 certification. We are dedicated to innovation and breakthrough concering the production process, from the facility building, raw material choice, product planing and design, to quality control.

Safe and Reliable

We build up the production buildings and manufacturing facilities conformed to international standards, and adopt APMS system for process management and monitoring. With the precision analytical instrument and QA/QC system, coupled with the ERP system, we guarantee that every link in the production chain and all process are under absolute control.


With the advanced computer system, we monitor the entire procedure from warehouse entry, raw material requisition and formula production to ensure the stability. We also leave samples of erery batch of materials and end products for backtraking and verification if needed.

Best Product Design

Considering the nutrition requirement standard of the professional global institutions, we develop the best products taht applied to the need of each animal. Our products have abundant and balanced essential nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and amino acids,etc. They provide sufficiently what is need in every stage.

Environmental Sustainability

The clients can have confidence in our products, which you will find satisfying. We will do whatever we can in our role to protect the environment for the sustainable future. It is our ultimate goal to become an outstanding animal nutrition company. That creat an all-win situation for the clients, the society and our company.

Our Services

We will help you solve the nutritional problems in the livestock farm and let your business grow.
Please contact us if you need related services.

Tailor-made Product Planning

We can tailor the premix and basemix products according to the actual needs of customers. It will provide the solution when our customers have special needs. This service also improve efficiency and reduce management costs.

Feed-Formula Design

Our technical team provide designing of feed-formula for customers based on the animal species, the raw material, and the equipment for mixing the feed. The customers can use the product more accurately and economically through this service.

Feeding System Advice

We provide the helpful planing-advice to our customer about the feeding system to improve the performance and efficiency by their feeding mode and equipment. We also do our best to ensure the customer's commercial benefits and meet the requirements of environmental protection.